Museum Hours:

Both museums are closed this season due to Covid 19, however

both Museums are open by appointment - Special tours are available. Call 203-710-5327 to set

up a date and time.


















The tag sale will take place Saturday, October 24th from 9 -1 p.m.,

rain date Sunday, October 25th.

Sell your no longer needed home items, antiques, crafts, art, plants, etc. Reserve a space while you can: $15 for GKS members and nonprofits, $20 for others.

     To reserve a space, call Sue at 203-453-1255.



GKS Update: Membership Makes a Difference

Every one of us has had incredible changes imposed upon us this year! We felt that to ask for Membership renewals at our usual time in the Spring would not be appropriate.

Knowing what we all do now, it's time to tell you what membership in the Guilford Keeping Society means. Please read the letter below!

Greetings and thank you for reading this message! We value your time and participation.


We hope this finds you and yours well and safe.


You may have noticed that the Guilford Keeping Society has not yet this year solicited membership renewals, as has become the norm in Spring.  We simply felt that, important as it is to keep our membership up and growing, the advent of the new pandemic was an inconsiderate time to ask for support from those who might have much more pressing concerns.


As we see that COVID will be with us for some time and better understandings have emerged, we now have taken the decision to seek renewal of GKS memberships – and to make their annual term match our fiscal year of October 1 to September 30th.


In the interest of overhead and environment, we are also asking you to respond to this message before the mailers go out to let us know if you would like to receive correspondence and membership information via email rather than via paper post. We, of course, always protect your privacy and do not share your email information with anyone.


GKS is proud that it raises the great majority of our income via events which bring Guilford’s fine history, heritage, culture and character to our members, students, historians and others. In recent years, we have embarked on significant maintenance, repair and improvement projects which would not otherwise be possible without this income.


It goes without saying that we have had to cancel practically all of these events – or have had others cancelled on us. Without the support of our Members, these events would become impossible to arrange. We now must ask for your participation and support as never before!


Please use our web page to Join. Please ask your friends to do so as well! You can see so much there about us and our mission while renewing or expanding your Membership.   The benefits are more than worthwhile!


You will also see from our Membership Form (2020/2021, which can be downloaded from the membership listed in the above menu) that we are eager to have volunteer help across a range of talents! Please consider becoming closer to the Guilford Keeping Society through participation. We appreciate and value those with talented hands, minds and hearts who are willing to give their time and skills. There is much we can do together safely while preserving this important legacy!


Respectfully yours,



Bob Hartmann, GKS Board President

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