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Jacobs/Jacobsen Family Collection

Jacobs Beach is named after Lyman Fosdick Jacobs (1859-1941)

The Jacobs/Jacobsen Family Collection was contributed by Helen Jacobs (=Helen Walker Jacobsen) in 2017 and 2018. 

Background Information on the Jacobs family: Helen Walker Jacobsen’s parents were Flora “Coe” Jacobs and John Robert Walker. They lived at 140 (old 283) Water St., Guilford.

Helen’s great grandfather, David Parmelee Jacobs (1831-1919) married Anna Charlotte K. Norton (1837-1901) in 1858. He was a farmer and conscripted into the Civil War. She was a florist. They lived on River St.

Lyman Fosdick Jacobs (1858-1941) (the son of David Parmelee Jacobs) married Minnie Coulter (1867-1941). He was a lobsterman, fisherman and boat carpenter. In 1900, he lived on River St. By 1910, Lyman moved in with Lottie and Leonard. In 1920 he lived on Driveway. Minnie took in laundry for Guilford Point House. In 1931, he moved to a residence on Point Rd., later known as 78 Seaside Ave.

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