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Photo Collections related to Sachem's Head

Many families have chosen Sachem’s Head for their summer residence, such as Kalbfleisch, Walden, Goodwin, Fisher, Cantwell and Mitchell. The photos from these families are a composite of rare images centering around life at Prospect Point in Sachem’s Head, Guilford, Connecticut.  They depict the cottages, families and their activities, mostly at Sachem’s Head, largely between the years 1919 to 1940s.  Some photographs date much earlier, as far back as 1906. A few appear to be from the 1950’s. The carte-de-vista photography in the Kalbfleisch Collection probably dates from 1890-1900.

Additional Photos

30 Photos

Early Sachem's Head

Fisher Collection

32 Photos & Postcards

Walden house and nearby homes

Goodwin Print Coll.

14 Photos

Downtown Guilford

Cantwell Collection

18 Photos

Summer of 1906

Fisher Collection

42 Photos

The Walden family, Sachem’s Head

Bertha Mitchell Coll.

13 Photos

Summertime at Sachem’s Head

Kalbfleisch Collection

20 Photos & Carte de Vista

Family portraits

Goodwin Print Coll.

8 Photos

Miniature Golf Tournament

Goodwin Negative Coll.

8 Photos

Sachem’s Head


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