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Learning about Guilford's History Virtually!

Virtual Early Guilford                 Days

Click on the picture above to see video!

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Blacksmithing - Part 1
Blacksmithing - Part 2
Blacksmithing - Part 3
Ideas on how to dress for Early Guilford Day
Weaving with a loom
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Click here for the Early Guilford Days Scavenger Hunt at the Thomas Griswold House Museum




Guilford History Scavenger Hunt

Click here for the Guilford Free Library Scavenger Hunt !


Elementary School Activities


Look for this sign on houses all over Guilford. Guilford has the third largest number of these houses in New England.



Click here for house styles sheet

Click the underlined  below to get a worksheet  

Find Houses over 100 years old!!

Click this link to find resources for researching the history of a  house!

Worksheet on the Guilford Town shield

Click here


Video activities

Look at these videos and see if you can find items made of materials on this page: click here for the worksheet

Medad Stone Tavern Museum

Armistedville (miniature craft village)

Dudley Farm

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Record for history your experiences and feelings about the 2020 Pandemic.

Click here for a booklet to share history wth future generations!

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