Summer Camps

The GKS runs two camps during the summer, both with the intention of getting its participants to understand how the lives of those in earlier times were.


The Colonial Camp at the Thomas Griswold House is similar to Early Guilford day, as there are hands on activities in relation to colonial Guilford. Instead of lasting one day, though, it is the entire week. Activities involve the pastimes of colonial children as well as some jobs that needed to be performed in the household. There is also an opportunity to taste a baked treat from the time period as a snack. This camp appeals to both boys and girls who want to learn about the town's past and have a good time.

The American Girl Doll Camp, held at the Medad Stone Tavern, is also one week that uses the historic American Girl dolls. The activities allow for the kids to learn about pastimes and tasks, much like the Colonial Camp. However, it is not strictly focused on colonial times. Each doll from a different time period is showcased every day to represent a different day in age to study. From this, the kids who join are able to have fun with the American Dolls while learning with them.

American Girl Doll Camp Photo Gallery

Dressing dolls
Basket weaving
Colonial games

Colonial Camp Photo Gallery

Whitfield Museum Trip

Spoon dolls

Stenciled pillows

Making scones

Decorated boxes